PERU - Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Equinox preparations - Report from Peru from Pat Crosby

Dear Lightworker Global & Galactic Family!

Report from Peru - in preparation for the global equinox celebrations and mass meditations being planned all around the world.

As the guides have prompted me to journey here to Peru and to be in Lake Titicaca for this extraordinary spring equinox, and they have asked me to spend a month in preparation to be the Lake Titicaca portal connection, and as my email buddies have been prompting me for news of this journey so far - here goes.

Please note that this is a BLENDED report... what the guides have told me in extensive meditations after visiting various sacred initiation sites, and my own comments on their information and the process.

As ascending beings, I think you will find the process reported here will give you some perspective on your individual journeys, plus what is happening globally and even galactically.

Upon arriving in Cusco - the umbilical of the world by Inka reckoning - the capital of their civilization, and as it turns out, an extraordinary doorway to intergalactic dimensions.

I journeyed solo up to Saqsaywaman, on a mountaintop overlooking the city of Cusco. The taxi driver - who spoke no English - let me off in front of the tourist pricey shops.... and no one seemed to know where to buy an entrance ticket to the ruins. But they did know how to solicit me to buy muy expensivo alpaca designer clothes!

So, like a good student of Drunvalo, Solara, and others, I just asked me guides to show me what to do and where to go.

I was guided away from the shops and the ruins to a road leading farther uphill, and saw a shady eucalyptus grove, and the blessed green grass filled with an amazing assortment of flower blossoms of all sorts, shapes, and colors.

As I was admiring their beauty, the beautiful vistas of the city of Cusco below, I asked the guardians of the area, and my spirit guides, to please show me where to go, and to connect me with those of the light who could introduce me to the spiritual mysteries of this powerful ancient site.

For sure, I did not want to do a 3D photo-op tour of the architectural sacred site. .

My guides showed me in my mind another place to go sit, after offering a sprinkling of water, and request of the powers that be in that location to enter their domain.

Strolling up the hill a bit, a special rock lit up for me to sit on. Sitting there, my gaze softened, and my inner vision lit up as I gazed softly into the vista in front of me. I began to question of the powers there what was the significance of this place... how had it been used, what was the mystery of this place.

As I was thus praying, a young man walked into my vision. He was muttering soft sounds, while walking up to different plants, and waving his hands in a particular pattern over individual plants. As he did so, I saw the light essence of each plant he thus worshipped arise from its essence and float like a beautiful cloud into his core of light.

Aah, I thought, he is communicating with plants and receiving the gifts of their healing and essence power.

After several rounds of this ritual with different plants, he turned to me.

Most respectfully, he walked over to me, and knelt in front of me.

He said he was the son of a shaman and lived down the hillside a bit. He told me had 10 months left of his shamanic training, and had trained in - and he rattled off around ten or so various central American cultures he had trained in. I could see that his light body had a core colume of soft sky blue light.

With tears in his eyes, he said he was wanting to see the world filled with love - unconditional love.

He shared some of his personal journey, then said he saw me as the Panchamama - the earth mother - as I was sitting exactly where his mother sat and in exactly in the same way as she sat.

He then offered me a gift of his light. He held my hand out and drew sacred geometrical designs over it and did some other ceremony.

I invited him to participate in our equinox meditation of uncondition love and healing. Being internet savvy, he said he would check out our websites! Maybe we will be blessed to hear form him!

His name means water, and as he spoke his name to me in his ancient language, a soft mist began to fill the air.

He also explained a few of the mysteries of the Saqsaywaman site (google this site to learn how powerful and profound it is) as well as the sacred site we were sitting in, Qénqo.


I barely started climbing up the back side of Saqsaywaman when a small cave caught my attention, and I could feel the dimensional walls begin to wooze in and out of 3D consciousness.

Within a few minutes, another Shaman appeared, and offered to initiate me into the mysteries of this site. He gave me a pure black meteorite to hold that was pulsing wildly. He waved a crystal around my body in certain geometric configurations while the crystal flashed white lightening. He smudged me with cocoa leaves, and directed me to do some ceremony.

He installed the energetics of the cougar or puma (strength, courage), the condor (vast seeing, great perspective), and the serpent (the spiritual lightening power, or kundalini).

He then informed me the traditional usages of the site - which was for initiation purposes and from my experience, I would say crossing into other dimensions - more to come on this subject.

He told me which were the power places within the vast complex, and also explained some the sacred geometry of the placement and aligments of the stone.

After this ceremony, I walked around the grounds, avoiding the masses of tour groups, until I found places where the light penetrated the earth. In those places, I stood and absorbed the rays until the spirit guides who were accompanying me told me I had taken in enough.

In this manner I absorbed the golden ray on the temple of the sun, and the soft blue rays on the temple of the moon.

The 21 triple high massive stone walls in a zig-zag configuration represent the spiritual lightening, I was told.

The 9 layers of rock walls leading up to the temple of the moon represent the 9 chakras - at which my shaman guide pointed over my head.

The earth is highly respected and worshipped in this culture. Everywhere, the divine femine is held in the highest regard - the PanchaMama - the source of all life and all abundance.

Interesting, as the air turned chilly, I bought a beautiful alpaca sweater from a pile by a roadside weaver. I just pulled out from the bottom of the pile of sweaters the one that was glowing for me. It turned out to have 3 female figures on it... each one a geometrical representation of the female in the form of a triangle.

As I wear this divinely femine alpalca sweater now, it is healing some deep part of the divine femine in me .... the part that our masculine materialistic driven culture denigrates.

How wonderful to feel so deeply honored at the core essence of our formed existence in this ancient and eternal culture.


My guides directed me to rest the next day. So for 30 hours, I was boiling in various lights - especially the golden light. It felt like I had been thrown into a rolling boiling soup cauldron, and was getting remade at the mitracondrial level.

During these 30 hours of light transformation, and installation of various codes, and openings of dimensional doorways within myself, and various cosmic connectors being activated, I also went though much healing of my 3D western-culture self.

I was shown some of the purposes of the sacred geometries of the Inkan and other Andean sacred architecture.

For instance, the TRAPEZOID shape, which is used in all doorways and windows, actually opens into other dimensions of light and communication with various beings.

I also asked my Spirit Guides from Lake Titicaca (who travel with me now and gave the forgiveness meditation to help spread unconditional love on the planet) to continue to do healing within me for places where old dark threads and energies were anchored in.

Enroute to Peru, I was guided to visit a magnificent healer in Florida who gave me a complete scan, and told me certain energy blocks and entanglements from my gestation and early family period and a few negative energies would be completely released during my journey to Peru. So I asked this guidance reality during this boiling hotsprings of light to also burn out these deficient patterns and fill them in with solid cores of light channels.


After absorbing and going through this light bath and remaking, I was guided to do some light tour activities in Cusco, and catch up with the internet.... aah, we have to integrate MANY dimensions now :)

In the town of Cusco, in a museum, I saw a great sculpture of people in everyday life. All around them, were beings with white round faces, and black holes for eyes and mouth. I remembered I had seen them in my 30 hour meditation.... they were staring at me as though through a thick thick thick shield of transparent glass. They were the death spirits, who are forever around us, just separated from our ordinary consciousness by the veils we all choose. Yet at the moment their service is requested, they immediately do their duty, and escort us off to other dimensions.

While they were staring at me going through my golden light boiling process, some of my guardian spirits commanded them very authoritatively to stay away from me. I remember the words: You CAN´T COME IN NOW. (They had their noses pressed against the glass barrier wall, staring intently at me.) So I understand my time is not yet... more work to do in this 3D body :)

I also saw a mummy from Nazca area. She radiated from her naval chakra a ring of violet light. She explained that even though the archeologists had removed her from her cave and put her on public display in a glass case in a public museum, her spiritual power infused into her bones was still alive and active. Asking my permission, she then radiated that ring of power into my umbilicus.

During the following night meditation during sleep state, I had her vision and the empowerment of her ring of power. Then my naval chakra caught on fire, and blazed in white-gold lightening until a doorway appeared through that chakra, and I gazed into other dimensions. That was enough for one meditation session... more to come, I am sure.


This brief report on my first 5 days in Peru is in preparation for the planetary equinox meditation. Below are 2 emails I received today from lightworkers with further information about the importance of this meditation.

I will be spending about 2 weeks living in ancient local congregations on the small islands on the great portal of which Lake Titicaca is the mouth. Don´t know if any internet will be available... so please save the dates.... as indicated below, and also for those in the Charlottesville VA area, the Saturday March 21 ceremony at Trinity Point.

Here are the links and references from the above report:   equinox group and upcoming workshops in VA meditation from spirit guides of Lake Titicaca

Maria Corbett - healer f lightworkers.... she can scan you remotely, has a sliding scale, works with ascended family of light 323 .656 . 1510 US cell phone

She works with all your bodies and dimensions to clear you to ascend and be of service.

I will be doing some workshops in the greater Charlottesville area in Virgina in the US in early April. Please subscribe to these sites if you wish to stay in the loops.

Blessings of Light, Peace, Joy, and Expanding Unconditional Love,

"See" You on the Equinox meditations! (There is a window of several days around celectial events, so plug in whenever and however you can. Be sure to state your highest intentions to be exponentially magnified during this great day.)

Pat Crosby


From Star Essence:

The Equinox is coming! The Equinox is coming! The moment is 4:44 PST Friday March 20.

During this time the Earth and the Sun are in perfect balance and harmony. We can consciously and collectively work with this energy, and have a great opportunity to affect even more deeply the positive changes on this earth. We can anchor balance, peace, harmony, love. truth and integrity, and envision specific shifts. We can magnify these intents by a thousand times by using the strong Equinox energy.


Inger Susag

Dear light workers,

Spring Equinox is on March 20th. It is the greatest creating day of the first 6 months 2009. Do you know why?

Equinox means that the rotation of the Earth around the Sun is half way to mid summer/mid winter - which means that day and night is equally long EVERYWHERE on Earth. Because of that, Equinox is the most harmonious day. (the corresponding happens on Spetember 22nd)

This means a lot to us who are in charge of creating the new world! WE ARE ALL IN CHARGE!

That day, we have the greatest opportunity to create balance in ALL that exist on Earth. You see, microcosmos is reflecting macrokosmos. Metatron teaches us that all atoms in every single physical object on Earth is a reflection of the planets orbiting around the Sun! The different planets' orbiting are the different atom models!

As awakend people on Earth, we now really need to see ourselves as co-creators! We need to start seeing our own atoms start spinning like light atoms! Equinox is the day that the atoms of the Earth has the best chance to perceive our thoughts.

Physical atoms are like we have learend at school: A nuclear with electrons orbiting around in such a speed that we perceive it as firm even if it actually is mostly space. Now, we need to visualize our atoms as white light Flower of Life balls! (se attached picture) We need to se every particle circle in a clockwise spinn. This is the basic structure of all dimensions above our own. You see, we are made of consciousness... every single atom is conscious energy! That is the clue of understanding we need to enter the new world.

We need to gather in groups all over the world to see and imagine this. As many as possible in the groups because of the multiplying effect. Every person is very important! In a group of 8 people, you can multiply the energy with 8 so that the energy gets 64 times as strong as if you are alone. So let's say that 5 people just hesitate to come to a spirtual gathering of importance... If you are, for example 12 persons preset, you count 144! (12x12 =144) If you are 5 more = 17 X 17 = 289! The last one who decides to come counts for 33 people, alone.

Take a look at this picture It is a picture of how soul energy looks like! It amplifies like bubles when we are happy. This picture is taken by a friend at a beach in Guatemala recently. Metatron says is shows the joy of the people playing and walking on the beach. It is the emotional energy that creates the multiplying effect! So be sure to bring your heart!..:)

So you see YOU count a lot!

Every one of us are very significant beings! Our minds are brilliant creating tools... Lets create a world in balance! Conflicts and wars will soon be out - harmony and peace will be, SO BE IT!

So please, already from now on, see your own atoms spinning like on the picture, in clockwise movements! According Metatron, all clockwise rotation moves towards Oneness.

On March 20th, gather in daylight in as big groups as you can, wherever you live! Sit in a circle. Place a huge 144 000 layered Flower of Life ball of White Light, shimmering of white Gold (pure Love, see picture) around the group. Around the room if you are inside. Spinn it at the speed of the white light. Do it simoultaneously! Give it your thought intention, then take a deep breath and start the spinn with a PUH! One is leader and counts to three. Remember to do this in a loving intention from your hearts! Do this 3 times so that the big love holgrafic ball enhances your love energ! Even if you do this alone on this day, use the big hologram around you.

Fill your heart with love for yourself and start in your heart, seeing the atoms as white light golden Flower of life balls, growing from the heart. Tell your cells that your atoms now are starting on their journey into light!. Take your time and feel that it happens in your entire body.

When your body atoms are changed, you continue with humanity... then the nature... all plants, all animals... then the soil and then the entire planet! Take your time and let somebody lead, so that you visualize simultaneously.

I received the channelled message below at the end of January. Since then I have got new insights every day. There is still almost a month to go, so take a look at my website before the happening... there might be more. You will also find more about the difference between mental energy and soul energy.

Love and Joy and endless optimism...........

We are all ONE big organism,


January 29th 2009

Channelling about the spring equinox 2009, Friday March 20th 2009

Equinox is the day when the day and the night are equally long all over the Earth.

A great event is coming! This is a wonderful and very important message to all inhabitants of the Earth!

"This is the day (March 20th) when everything should stand still because every part of us is in balance. It’s because the Earth is in equilibrium on this day. It means that all atoms in all human beings and the Earth are in balance at the same time. We can use this for a purpose. We can make all human atoms spin clockwise, for a change. This we can do by being in harmony ourselves first of all. And then, we can use our imagination to see it happen everywhere else in the world. This will enhance the equilibrium tremendously. By doing this, the Earth starts it's journey into a higher dimension. It will start taking the Earth into its higher destination. The purpose of this will be to bring harmony and peace to the human population. You see, the Earth is waiting to get an answer... She asks of permission to ascend. When we do this deliberately and on purpose, we give the Earth the signal.

We ask many people around the Earth to do this on this very day because now the Earth is ready to take the challenge to ascend. This has been prepared for a long time, both by us who are masters on higher dimensions and of many voluntary groups that live in other dimensions on Earth; the whales and dolphins, the small people, the elves and the fairies. They are all a part of the evolutionary step we are about to take. There will be no more arguing after this because people will start thinking in the same ways, after the new model. You will be happy to see each other and embrace each other... you will laugh at what used to be troublesome, you will find solutions where you previously used to quarrel.

This is an opportunity that as many people as possible should take part in. There is no need to worry about the effects of this. The Earth will not change over the night. It is first of all a signal to the atoms of the earth to start the ascending process. It means that they start preparing. Remember. They are conscious energy. They have been quarrelling like you (!)... now they know it's time to agree! They will start to participate on a slow turning operation that will take the next four years. So take your time! But please be there! They expect you to come… (the atoms of the Earth) They know well the light workers who already have been working for the light to get into the Earth. Now they are eager to get the next step, the next impulse. You see, they cannot act on their own. They need impulses from those who are a part of their own body - and that is you who live on Earth. You are the mind of the Earth. Your collective consciousness is the "awaker"... you have to use your free will to create a new step on your evolutionary path. This is necessary to understand. You are like robots until this happen... then you get your real consciousness... you start understanding the rest of the universe and how it all fits together. Until now you have been like wreckings on an island, not knowing if there are any other inhabitants on Earth. We can assure you there are! There is a huge spectre of life in this universe that you cannot see because you limit yourselves... this is for you to discover soon.

So we enhance this for you: Please come to Trondheim for this event! You will be taking part in the greatest event ever in the human history! Even if you cannot feel this directly, you will know in your hearts that it is so. The more people that participate together, the more your will enhance the equilibrium feeling of Oneness for the human race also… you will start peace processes around the world! Believe us, this is a great sight! We can see it already as we can see what you call the future. So now. Coming to Trondheim means participating in a gathering as big as possible. Inger is asked to lead this. She will answer questions and channel whatever you need to get answers to.

See you soon, dear friends, light workers of the Earth,

We are Michael, Metatron, Luciamica, Ashtar and Alton. We are masters of the highest dimension. We are co-creators with you, and so be it."

Inger Susag

Voicemail 1.845.434.3829 US

SKYPE UniversalPat

Choose Love! Let it Go...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Spring Equinox Journey to Peru 2009


We are journeying to Peru to increase our own light quotient, and also to build an ark of light from Lake Titicaca to the light grid of the US, as Peter Allen had indicated.

We will also be receiving galactic light codes through the portal at Lake Titicaca in service to the planetary ascension underway at this time.

On the equinox, March 21, 2009, we will be on an island in Lake Titicaca working with the spirit guides of the galactic portal there. Most likely we will be also working with indigenous elders and shamans, as well as some native Americans and Peruvian lightworkers.

If you feel called to make this trip, please email ASAP. Costs will be under $1000 for each week - one in the Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu area, and a 2nd week in the Puno-Lake Titicaca area for the equinox. This price includes lodging with families, in-Peru transportation, food, incidentals, etc.

This costs includes staying with local families in guest houses and/or hostels. If you want a more luxurious hotel, you can pay extra for that.

There is a $250 US workshop fee for the time at Lake Titicaca payable now to hold your spot... this fee is the workshop fee for all the guided meditations and group process work we will be doing in the various sacred sites - and where we are guided., and working with the guided realities of the region there.

If you are interested in going to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in early March, there is a second workshop fee of $250US.

All other expenses will be paid out of pocket by each tour member directly to the various places we stay, boats, buses, taxis, meals, incidentals, etc.

In other words, you will cover all your own costs directly. The $250 US workshop fee is payable in advance for that portion of the journey.

The style of this tour is walk-about.... meaning we will be guided where to go and with whom as the work unfolds. There will be plenty of individual time for the usual tourist photo-op tours if you like, as well as shopping, resting, and journaling. Our group time will be spent in group process, meditation

You can book your own airfare... I have found has the best prices...

I paid $301 US for round trip from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Lima Peru. The trip is about 6 hours non-stop. You can also purchase trip cancellation insurance on their site... I think I paid $12 for that. Get on their elist to receive some incredible bargain fare offers.

You will fly into Lima Peru, acclimate, visit the national museum to see the antiquities, visit a few power spots, then on to Cusco for the week touring the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

I can give you good hotels, guest houses and hostels to stay over in Lima.

The flight from Lima to Cusco is a separate purchase. I flew on Lan airlines last year... great service, great price.

You need a US passport to travel in and out of US for US citizens. No visa required for US citizens. Other nationalities, please check with your own country and Peru to find out requirements. This information is pretty easy to find online by googling.

Spirit Air is an ala carte menu... everything is a separate fee: ticket, seat reservation, baggage.... I am travelling EXTREMELY LIGHT... just one small checked bag so it is easy to get around the various sites we will be visiting.

See a few highlights of my last year's journey at

This trip allows plenty of time for individual choices in the use of the time -- shopping, meditating, visiting sites.

The group time will be spent in group process meditations... along the lines of Bill Buehler's Free Flow Synergy Meditation and working with the spirit energies and other lightworkers we are guided to join forces with on site.

To pursue your interest, please email ASAP

Peter Allen writes:

Lightworkers, Pat Crosby has been doing some groundbreaking lightwork. Enclosed are updates and links.

Reshel lately has been emphasizing how important is to create in
LOVE... listen to the channel audios on this site. Reshel also
revealed in response to a question from Peter Allen, that she is the
feminine aspect of Metatron - that balances the creative potential
with the nurturing sustaining power of unconditional love and life

You might want to subscribe on that site to get all the updates... I
will be posting anything having to do with the grid project there. As
well as our upcoming equinox trip to the portal at Lake Titicaca.

I recently cut and pasted a couple of serious email files about the
grids... sorry, I am too busy to edit or spellcheck them.... but you
can revel in the info :) - including extensive and informative email
files between Peter, Bill and others.

I am also posting the info about various conferences and grid events
there, too for your reference and sharing --- if you want to pass the
link around to those interested in this topic.

In the next couple of days, I will have the final details of the
Equinox Peru meditation grid journey up -- we are going in March 2009
to Machu Picchu & surrounds, as well as the equinox meditation on the
portal of Lake Titicaca. Hold on to your crown chakras!

This is a SMALL group of committed lightworkers, and I have decided
to dispense with the travel agents as their markup is pretty steep...
so the trip will be extremely reasonable... and a journey of
lifetimes. I have found some WONDERFUL AMAZING POWER PLACES to do our
light grid work, our free-form meditations, personal clearings and
expansions, and engage with the wonderful light beings of the Peruvian
galactic high-frequency portals.

This journey is NOT just another photo op tourist trip.

We will be working directly with earth and galactic energies and guides, and not restricting our work to the overlay of any particular civilization or system.

Our journey is one of engaging DIRECTLY with the earth and galactic
energies... so we will not be tied into any particular civilizations
view of things... as any such lens is limited by definition. Also, we
are going to do light work to create a bridge of light to fulfil the
eagle-condor prophesies of the Hopi and others... so what was is not
necessarily was is nor what is birthing now and in the upcoming
months.... this is a journey of co-creation with the light beings and
light grid masters.

On my journey there last February of 2008. I learned the ropes of
getting around the country, had a series of initiations, and then
processed the energies in my own being, and packaged them to share
with others in the Forgiveness Project

Now, the guides are going to take us and the journey light leaps
further - as we can all hold more and create more together.

This is a trip you WILL want to come on if any way possible.

THIS link has more specific info about the Lake Titicaca Peru and the
importance of the grid work the light workers are creating there. I
will also be posting the details of the March 2009 Light Grid Masters
Co-Creation Tour along with prices in the next few days.

To go on this journey, you must be robust, in good health, strong, and independent.

Lake Titicaca is around 13,000 feet altitude, and you will need warm clothes. Please google Peru climates to learn particulars.

When we journey northward in April - my return to the Golden Mountain
Sanctuary in the NY Catskill Mountains - we will stop in the
Charlottesville area and give a report on the events that
transpired in Peru... sure to be LOTS of
exciting news and energies to share.

This gathering is at Trinity Point on April 4, 2009, in the afternoon.

This short workshop will be a prelude to the great workshop that Bill
Buehler is giving in May... details and registration info now online

The guides have promised that the time in Peru in March will be an
"exponential expansion of the energies" we have been able to embody so
far :)

To YOUR Increasing Unconditional Love and Light,

Pat Crosby
Author, Channel for The Reshel Group

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About the Spirit Guides who Live in Lake Titicaca

Pat Crosby reports information about the importance of the Lake Titicaca doorway that she received from the spirit guides from Lake Titicaca on December 29, 2008.

Prophecies for 2012

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gathering of Elders at Lake Titicaca - Report & Info on Energies there...


Amaru-Muru portal at Lake Titicaca, Peru -photo: Brad Johnson

Gathering at Lake Titicaca
I have been made aware that there is a gathering of "Elders" is being held at Lake Titicaca March 20th, 2007 (Spring Equinox) for "bringing the prophecy into manifestation" of the 500 years of spiritual light when "Our current planetary transformation is especially important for all Americans as it coincides with an Andean prophecy that predicts that the Condor will fly with the Eagle and peace will reign throughout the Americas, again."

"Earth Works for Humanity" writes about this event, as well as the significance of the "culture bearer" from Lemuria, Amaru Muru (or Meru) and the Monastery of the Seven Rays he built on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Peru, where Thoth informed me years ago was one of his two "Retreats" in a cavern beneath the lake - the other retreat being in the Sangre de Christos mountains at Crestone, Colorado. There is also an inter-dimensional doorway / portal near Lake Titicaca called Amaru Muru, which many have visited and had amazing experiences there. I had already planned to write about our currrent earth portals which are specifically connecting to the New Earth Star's Numis'OM - featuring the Amaru Muru portal in the next issue of Numis'OM - The Eye of Metatron.

I was recently visited by a man who had been to the Aamaru Meru portal and he gifted me with an object which Thoth calls a "Portal Key." It has carved upon it a condor, jaguar/puma and serpent/anaconda with "grids" in-between them. You can read more avbout it and see the images of this object by going to my Sacred Things" Gallery #2 and viewing mages 12 & 13. It is a large white carved stone or bone with seven "knobs" on it.

I will also be writing more about this Portal Key in the next Numis'OM issue.

It is no coincidence that the "Solar Wave" I wrote about in the last "Timely Transmissions" is occuring on the 21st, with the Lake Titicaca gathering on the 20th.

Thoth: The Gathering of the Elders at Lake Titicaca with other seekers of the earth on March 20th, 2007 will trigger the opening of the seal placed upon one specific pathway through the Amaru Muru portal, which leads to the ascended version of the Monastery of the Seven Rays in Numis'OM. There will be a stone which turns to CRYSTAL near the portal. It will be a vein near the surface of the earth that in the very near future will be mined. Even in the earth unseen, it will be a vien of power, accelerating the New Earth Star frequency on the planet.
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