PERU - Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca

Monday, January 19, 2009

Spring Equinox Journey to Peru 2009


We are journeying to Peru to increase our own light quotient, and also to build an ark of light from Lake Titicaca to the light grid of the US, as Peter Allen had indicated.

We will also be receiving galactic light codes through the portal at Lake Titicaca in service to the planetary ascension underway at this time.

On the equinox, March 21, 2009, we will be on an island in Lake Titicaca working with the spirit guides of the galactic portal there. Most likely we will be also working with indigenous elders and shamans, as well as some native Americans and Peruvian lightworkers.

If you feel called to make this trip, please email ASAP. Costs will be under $1000 for each week - one in the Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu area, and a 2nd week in the Puno-Lake Titicaca area for the equinox. This price includes lodging with families, in-Peru transportation, food, incidentals, etc.

This costs includes staying with local families in guest houses and/or hostels. If you want a more luxurious hotel, you can pay extra for that.

There is a $250 US workshop fee for the time at Lake Titicaca payable now to hold your spot... this fee is the workshop fee for all the guided meditations and group process work we will be doing in the various sacred sites - and where we are guided., and working with the guided realities of the region there.

If you are interested in going to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in early March, there is a second workshop fee of $250US.

All other expenses will be paid out of pocket by each tour member directly to the various places we stay, boats, buses, taxis, meals, incidentals, etc.

In other words, you will cover all your own costs directly. The $250 US workshop fee is payable in advance for that portion of the journey.

The style of this tour is walk-about.... meaning we will be guided where to go and with whom as the work unfolds. There will be plenty of individual time for the usual tourist photo-op tours if you like, as well as shopping, resting, and journaling. Our group time will be spent in group process, meditation

You can book your own airfare... I have found has the best prices...

I paid $301 US for round trip from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Lima Peru. The trip is about 6 hours non-stop. You can also purchase trip cancellation insurance on their site... I think I paid $12 for that. Get on their elist to receive some incredible bargain fare offers.

You will fly into Lima Peru, acclimate, visit the national museum to see the antiquities, visit a few power spots, then on to Cusco for the week touring the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

I can give you good hotels, guest houses and hostels to stay over in Lima.

The flight from Lima to Cusco is a separate purchase. I flew on Lan airlines last year... great service, great price.

You need a US passport to travel in and out of US for US citizens. No visa required for US citizens. Other nationalities, please check with your own country and Peru to find out requirements. This information is pretty easy to find online by googling.

Spirit Air is an ala carte menu... everything is a separate fee: ticket, seat reservation, baggage.... I am travelling EXTREMELY LIGHT... just one small checked bag so it is easy to get around the various sites we will be visiting.

See a few highlights of my last year's journey at

This trip allows plenty of time for individual choices in the use of the time -- shopping, meditating, visiting sites.

The group time will be spent in group process meditations... along the lines of Bill Buehler's Free Flow Synergy Meditation and working with the spirit energies and other lightworkers we are guided to join forces with on site.

To pursue your interest, please email ASAP

Peter Allen writes:

Lightworkers, Pat Crosby has been doing some groundbreaking lightwork. Enclosed are updates and links.

Reshel lately has been emphasizing how important is to create in
LOVE... listen to the channel audios on this site. Reshel also
revealed in response to a question from Peter Allen, that she is the
feminine aspect of Metatron - that balances the creative potential
with the nurturing sustaining power of unconditional love and life

You might want to subscribe on that site to get all the updates... I
will be posting anything having to do with the grid project there. As
well as our upcoming equinox trip to the portal at Lake Titicaca.

I recently cut and pasted a couple of serious email files about the
grids... sorry, I am too busy to edit or spellcheck them.... but you
can revel in the info :) - including extensive and informative email
files between Peter, Bill and others.

I am also posting the info about various conferences and grid events
there, too for your reference and sharing --- if you want to pass the
link around to those interested in this topic.

In the next couple of days, I will have the final details of the
Equinox Peru meditation grid journey up -- we are going in March 2009
to Machu Picchu & surrounds, as well as the equinox meditation on the
portal of Lake Titicaca. Hold on to your crown chakras!

This is a SMALL group of committed lightworkers, and I have decided
to dispense with the travel agents as their markup is pretty steep...
so the trip will be extremely reasonable... and a journey of
lifetimes. I have found some WONDERFUL AMAZING POWER PLACES to do our
light grid work, our free-form meditations, personal clearings and
expansions, and engage with the wonderful light beings of the Peruvian
galactic high-frequency portals.

This journey is NOT just another photo op tourist trip.

We will be working directly with earth and galactic energies and guides, and not restricting our work to the overlay of any particular civilization or system.

Our journey is one of engaging DIRECTLY with the earth and galactic
energies... so we will not be tied into any particular civilizations
view of things... as any such lens is limited by definition. Also, we
are going to do light work to create a bridge of light to fulfil the
eagle-condor prophesies of the Hopi and others... so what was is not
necessarily was is nor what is birthing now and in the upcoming
months.... this is a journey of co-creation with the light beings and
light grid masters.

On my journey there last February of 2008. I learned the ropes of
getting around the country, had a series of initiations, and then
processed the energies in my own being, and packaged them to share
with others in the Forgiveness Project

Now, the guides are going to take us and the journey light leaps
further - as we can all hold more and create more together.

This is a trip you WILL want to come on if any way possible.

THIS link has more specific info about the Lake Titicaca Peru and the
importance of the grid work the light workers are creating there. I
will also be posting the details of the March 2009 Light Grid Masters
Co-Creation Tour along with prices in the next few days.

To go on this journey, you must be robust, in good health, strong, and independent.

Lake Titicaca is around 13,000 feet altitude, and you will need warm clothes. Please google Peru climates to learn particulars.

When we journey northward in April - my return to the Golden Mountain
Sanctuary in the NY Catskill Mountains - we will stop in the
Charlottesville area and give a report on the events that
transpired in Peru... sure to be LOTS of
exciting news and energies to share.

This gathering is at Trinity Point on April 4, 2009, in the afternoon.

This short workshop will be a prelude to the great workshop that Bill
Buehler is giving in May... details and registration info now online

The guides have promised that the time in Peru in March will be an
"exponential expansion of the energies" we have been able to embody so
far :)

To YOUR Increasing Unconditional Love and Light,

Pat Crosby
Author, Channel for The Reshel Group